la Maison en face de l'église
Rue St. Eloi, 6 - 5670 Olloy-sur-Viroin

Viroinval is a splendid hiking territory. More than 100 kilometers of walking paths reach into France. Neighbouring city Couvin has recently opened a network of marked routes. Mountainbike enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves on the marked trails, and on the first Sunday of september the Catsbikers organize a highly technical mountainbike meeting. Around 800 participants enter each year.
You will inevitably encounter the lovely nature of the region. The Fondry des Chiens is a unique open cave, carved out in the porous soil by erosion. The soil is rich in chalk. You'll find orchids that are normally found much more south. The views from the Roche à Lomme and Haute Roche are lovely.

The main attractions nearby are the steam train of the Chemin de Fer à Vapeur des 3 Vallées and the Neptune grotto. Treignes has some interesting museums and in Mariembourg you can visit a brewery. The charming towns of Dinant and Chimay aren't that far away either.

All details about nearby attractions can be found in our information guide, that can be downloaded under the "information" tab. As for now, the guide isn't available in English yet. Feel free to contact me for any information you might require.

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